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Theo Els
Safety Consultant

+27 (0)71 324 0967
We are working in close collaboration with a wide range of respected industries.

Key Health and Safety questions
Ask yourself these important questions ‘then decide whether it’s worth risking your assets and your business by doing nothing:

Is my business covered?
Do I have a company Safety Policy?
Do I get advice from a competent Health & Safety Consultancy?
Do I know everything I should about Health and Safety at Work?
Have Workplace Safety Risk Assessments been carried out?
Do I have deadly Asbestos in my building?
Do I have a Safety File as proof of compliance with the Health and Safety Act and protect the employer against any potential liability?
Would I be prepared to let the company be named and shamed - through a breach of Health and Safety Law & Regulations that could easily be avoided?

Now's the time to act.
If your answers to some of the questions above leave you feeling a little uneasy, now is the time to contact Hascore Safety Solutions.
Our Mission:
To provide a wide range of health and safety services to a diverse range of clientele.  We can offer your Company the support and assistance it needs to comply with the law, reduce workplace accidents and function more profitably through sensible safety management.

Our Vision:
To make tomorrow safer and healthier than today, by exceeding and not just meeting expectations.

About us:

We worked for multinational consultancies in major companies, contractors and private organisations, both large and small in the UAE and Africa. Our experience allows us to transfer expertise from one sector to another, enabling our clients to benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience, with access to many different tried and tested best practice solutions.
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